Woodpecker identification

Woodpeckers of North America

Learn how to identify all the different types of woodpeckers of North America. This woodpecker identification guide provides links to pages for specific woodpecker species where you will learn how to identify birds using our woodpecker identification pictures, woodpecker facts, breeding info, habits, range, behavior, and other interesting characteristics about a particular woodpecker that will assist in bird identification.

Downy woodpecker                   Pileated woodpecker                    Red headed woodpecker

Downy woodpeckers                                Learning how to identify a bird by studying pictures of woodpeckers                               You can identify birds by color, size, and behavioral traits

Red bellied woodpecker            Red cockaded woodpecker          Hairy woodpecker

With our woodpecker identification guide you will learn how to identify birds by color and distinguishing features                               Studying woodpecker calls is an important part of bird identification                               Hairy woodpeckers are one of many species of north american birds

Northern Flicker                          Yellow bellied sapsucker              Ladder backed woodpecker

The audubon society is good resource for how to identify birds                              Woodpecker damage has been observed on the siding of peoples homes                               Using our pictures of woodpeckers will assist you in how to identify a bird

Acorn woodpecker                       White headed woodpecker           Gila woodpecker

Sometimes a woodpecker deterrent is needed to prevent woodpeckers from causing woodpecker damage to the sides of houses                             Using our woodpecker identification pictures and our woodpecker identification guide will assist the novice bird watcher in bird identification                              Learn how to identify birds by studying our woodpecker identification pictures

Golden fronted woodpecker       Black backed woodpecker            Three toed woodpecker

There are many different types of woodpeckers.  Using our woodpecker identification guide will provide you with valuable information you can use afield while bird watching                             The audubon society provides a wealth of information on birds of north america                             Use our woodpecker identification pictures to help you distinguish between different species of woodpeckers

Ivory billed woodpecker




photo credits: zenbikescience and cdbtx and Geradjsantos and dimus62 and maholyoak and SearchNetMedia and Bird Brian and U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Northeast Region and Sergey Yeliseev via photopin cc