Hanging woodpecker bird house and nest box

This hanging woodpecker nest box is all handmadeHanging woodpecker bird house

Product:  2020  Price:  $59.99

This beautiful woodpecker bird house is all handmade in the USA and can be purchased with 2 different sized nest holes – a 1.5″ hole for hairy woodpeckers and yellow bellied sapsuckers – or a 2″ hole for red headed woodpeckers (we also offer a slightly larger nesting box for just $10 more, with this same design that has a 2.5″ hole for Northern Flickers).  The exterior is made from pine logs, and the interior nesting box is made of cedar wood.  A decorative chain adorns this hanging bird house so it can be hung anywhere you want it.  With a double hinged roof, you can easily access the inside of this woodpecker nest box to view and observe nesting activity without disturbing the nest, or having to remove screws, or take things apart.  The entire woodpecker house is treated with a high grade wood sealer to protect the natural wood appearance and keep it looking great season after season.

Woodpecker nest box with 1.5″ hole  $59.99 

Woodpecker nest box with 2″ hole  $59.99 

Woodpecker nest box with 2.5″ hole  $69.99 



1.  Outside dimensions – height=16.5″, width=10.5″, depth=8.5″, roof=10″ x 10″

2.  Inside nest box dimensions – height=14″, width=8″, depth=6″

3.  hole size=1.5″ for hairy and sapsuckers, 2″ for red headed, entrance hole is 9″ from floor

4.  Comes with a decorative chain for hanging

5.  Has two 3″ strap hinges on the roof – roof flips open for easy access

6.  bird house is treated with a high grade wood sealer and protectant that will keep the natural wood appearance looking great season after season

NOTE – the dimensions for the house with the 2.5″ entrance hole to accommodate flickers – outside dimensions:  height=18.5″, width=11.5″, depth=9.5″, inside dimensions:  height=16″, width=9″, depth=7″, hole is 2.5″ and 14″ from floor


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